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About us

Elation DJs was started to fill the gap of a high quality DJ that could suit many occasions within a given budget. Elation DJs is just run by one person, John Tankard. John virtually covers all DJ booking’s himself to make sure the high standard that has been set in the past is maintained in the future.

Elation DJs is growing at a steady pace and they are picking up some nice clients on the way, it won’t be too long until they have to start outsourcing some of the bookings to other DJs they have worked with in the past, however, any DJ that works for Elation DJs will have to meet the same exacting standards that John imposes on himself.

As Elation DJs grow, we are sure you will see and hear our name popping up all over the industry, this year we are attending more wedding fares and other social events.

Stunning Sound & Light Shows

John has always been a firm believer that to be a great DJ you also have to have great sound and light too. To reinforce this Elation DJs have invested greatly in our sound and light systems. They get many compliments on how the equipment adds to the overall enjoyment.

Always Very Competitive

Elation DJs are not the cheapest out there but they will always remain very competitive. They believe that you always get what you pay for. For your event they will work with you to make sure you get what you want at a price that is fair for both parties..

Our Own Club Night

Elation DJs have recently started up our their club night called Rumours. We host different nights under the Rumours brand, mainly mainstream dance, funky electro, retro and house. We will be posting upcoming nights on the site shortly.

Elation DJs - Mobile DJ Leeds Stunning Sound and Light Shows Elation DJs - Club Nights Competitive DJ Price

Elation DJs found out that a few clients had their own DJs and so did not require our DJ Services but did need some equipment for their event DJ. After seeing that this was happening quite a lot we decided to take the plunge and invest in equipment above and beyond what we actually needed.

This proved to be a great success and now we supply many DJ’s, clubs, bars with extra equipment in addition to their own. The top main items we are currently hiring are:

Pioneer CDJ 1000s, Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer, Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer, 5,000 Watt HK Audio System, 18” Active Bass Bins, 1000 Watt Lightweight Amplifiers, 500mw Blue lasers, 500mw colour lasers, 1.8watt professional ILDA Laserworld RGB Laser, Vertical & Horizontal Smoke Machines, LED Moon Flower Effects, LED Moving Heads.

There are many more items in our hire stock but these are the most requested ones. If you require an item of equipment that isn’t listed then please contact us and we will get in touch.

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