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Pro Haze Machine Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

Haze Machine Hire in Leeds

Hire A Haze Machine in Leeds or throughout West Yorkshire

Haze Machine Hire

Haze machines are a great alternative to Smoke machines in that they produce translucent particles not white ones which smoke machines do, this enables light beams to sine brightly whilst not affecting overall viability like a smoke machine will do.

Our Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 is ideal for small venues and is still able to cope with large venues using it’s high output settings.


The world’s only BGV C1
-certified Hazer-system
- Robustly constructed Hazer with worldwide references
- Built-in DMX-controls
- Haze-density and fan can separately be adjusted
- Processor-technology
- Quiet as a whisper thanks to up-to-date low noise prefabricated parts and construction
- Ideal for Beam-effects & Moving Light Shows
- TOUR HAZER II-A: laminated Amptown Flightcase
- TOUR HAZER II-S: standard Phenol-wood Flightcase (made in Germany)
- 230V/1500Watt

Hire Smoke Factory - Tour Hazer II Haze Machine Hire

Call us: 01274 800460 / 07811 200293

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