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Hire Multicore with Stagebox in Leeds

Rent Multicore Stagebox Snake - 10mts, 15mts, 20mts, 30mts - Yorkshire

Multicore Snake with Stagebox for Hire in Leeds

We have a variety of audio Multicore snakes available with Stagebox to hire at Elation DJs. Our audio multi cores come supplied on a reel for the larger lengths whereas the smaller lengths come supplied in a flight case.

All our Multicore’s come supplied with a Stagebox for easy connection to the Bands equipment. Probably our most hired Multicore is our 30 MT 40 way, 32 in / 8 out with Stagebox, this comes supplied on a reel and is ready to use.

Information about our 32/8 Multicore:

40 way 32 in 8 out audio multi core Stagebox snake cable 30m.

40 way (32 inputs 8 outputs) 30m length audio multi core Stagebox snake cable for multi-way signal transmission between stage and mixer.

EBN3208 Multicore cables with lightweight Stagebox with printed circuit ensures high contact reliability and low weight. The Proel multi-core cable Stagebox has high quality metal XLR connectors with gold-plated contacts. The fantail Multicore has cable mount connections protected by PVC jackets and wired with XLR metal connectors and contact earth.

Cable length : 30 MT (98.430 ft)
Inputs : 32 XLR
Outputs (returns): 8 XLR
Stagebox: Metal

Heavy Duty Band Audio Multicore Snakes on Reel For All Purposes

Hire Multicore Snakes For Bands Leeds

Important Information

All Multicores are designed to handle line level and Mic level type signals. The stage box is sited on stage, and the outputs from instruments and microphones are plugged into the Stagebox.

These signals then travel down the Multicore cable length to a sound mixing board or desk situated off stage. Here the individual signals are mixed and processed, and the master pre-amp output from the mixer is then sent back down the Multicore cable to the PA amplifier or powered PA speakers on stage.

This signal should not be a fully amplified signal from the output of a power amp or powered mixer amp because Multicores are designed to carry pre-amp signals. If a fully amplified signal is sent down the Multicore, there will be power and signal quality loss. The longer the Multicore, the more the signal loss and degradation. Amplified signals from the output of an amp need proper speaker cables to connect to passive non-powered PA speakers. These PA speaker cables minimise signal loss.

Additional Equipment

Elation DJs can also provide additional equipment that you might need, such as Allen & Heath Mixing Desks, microphone hire, stands, drum kits etc. Please ask when you enquire, just because it is not listed on our website does not mean we do not have it in our hire stock.

Multicore Hire
with Stage Box

Hire or Rent Audio Multicore Snakes with Stagebox in Leeds & Yorkshire Hire or Rent Audio Multicore Snakes with Stagebox in Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield

Call us: 01274 800460 / 07811 200293

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