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Sound - PA System Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

PA Sound System Hire - HK Audio

HK Audio Is Our Preferred PA Sound System Hire Stock

PA Sound System Hire in Leeds / Yorkshire

Here at Elation DJs we offer a full PA Sound System hire in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

All our Pro PA Sound Systems available are produced by HK Audio. For those who have not heard of HK, they have a huge range of Systems catering for DJs, bands, vocalists, clubs and concerts.

We have a wide range of passive pa sound systems as well as active ones. If you take a passive system we will supply you with the amplifiers and active crossovers all in one easy to use amp rack.

Available to hire we have 10”, 12” & 15” mid/top boxes & 15” & 18” Bass Bins.

Our most hired PA Sound System to date is 2 x 12” Passive Tops and 2 x 18” Passive Bass Bins - All this is coupled to 3500 watts of amplifier with a DBX Driverack PA+ to take care of system clipping and crossover frequencies.

PA System Hire For ALL Types Of Events

PA Sound System

Our smaller Systems start at 2 x 12” 450 Watt Active Speakers. Our next systems up comprise of 2 x 15” 500 Watt active speakers, the HK Premium Pro systems are our next step up which are a 1600 watt mid/top and bass bin package, this is ideal for medium sized parties.

Our German LD Speaker hire sound systems fill the next gap, comprising 12” & 15” active and passive tops and 15” active and passive bass bins.

Our larger systems are formed around HK Audio. This includes 2 x 12” tops, 2 x Concert tour grade 18” Bass Bins (or as many as you need) and the necessary amp rack(s) to drive it all. RMS continuous output power is around 3500 watts. Ideal for large parties, weddings & bars. These systems are often used for bars and small clubs around Leeds although we have supplied them to Student house parties too.

Due to the very modular nature of our sound systems we can build small or very large systems to your specification ideally suited towards your event.

Hire HK Audio CT118 - 18" Bass Bin To Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire

Festival Sound Systems Available To Suit Any Event

HK Audio - PA Sound System Hire - Leeds - Yorkshire HK Audio Linear 5 - PA Sound System Hire Leeds

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