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Leeds - Party DJs - Wedding DJs - Mix DJ’s

Party DJs - Wedding DJs - Mix DJs - Leeds

Elation DJs are proud to be able to offer such a wide and varied choice of DJs, from Party DJs to Wedding DJs and even Mix DJs who can turn your event into a night where you thought you were in Leeds city Centre. Elation DJs continue to strive to provide the best DJ Services in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire

DJs To Suit Any Occasion Or Event

Party DJs

Our Party DJs are some of the finest in Leeds and can really create a great party atmosphere. Wether it be Wham, David Guetta or The Killers our DJs will play to your crowd and keep the energy going on the dance floor.

Of course the Party DJ will play requests all night long and so far we have been able to deliver on every song asked for at an Elation DJs party.
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Wedding DJs

Our Wedding DJs are again at the top of their game when it comes to Weddings. Of course out of all our DJ services  the Weddings are the greatest, leading to many happy memories for both Bride/Groom and DJ alike. We do not take Weddings for granted though and plan very early in advance to make sure the day is as special as you hope it would be.

Our DJ will sit with you to discuss any special requirements you may have as well as discuss song requests. We will go out of our way to make sure your night party goes exactly as you want it, for instance we had a Bride who requested that no 80’s were played at all, that was a new one to us but we followed her instruction and she was delighted at the end of the night, obviously that request is unusual but we will adhere to whatever is requested.
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Don’t forget our Wedding Uplighting or Wedding Lasers

Mix DJs

Our Mix DJs do what it says on the tin. We provide a ‘club experience’ in your requested venue. Our Mix DJ service is usually requested for birthday parties in the region of 16, 18 and 21 although we will cater for any age requiring this unique type of DJ
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Multi Talented - A lot of our DJs are actually multi-talented so you may find that some of our Party DJs are equally as good at mixing as our Mix DJs and that our Wedding DJs can be a blend of all three. If you have specific requirements please don’t hesitate to enquire.

Call us: 01274 800460 / 07811 200293

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