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Technics Turntable Hire - SL1210 - Leeds

Rent Technics Turntables - Hire SL1210 Leeds

Rent Industry Standard Turntables - Technics SL 1210Mk2

Rent Your Technics Turntables From Us

The Technics SL Range of turntables has long been the industry standard amongst clubs and DJs, however, the industry standard has now been discontinued.

If your turntables have failed or you don't have any but require some for an event then why not rent / hire them from us,

We have stock of the Technics SL-1210 Mk 2 turntables flight cased and ready to go, in addition all our SL turntables are fitted with Ortofon Concorde stylus’s.

Elation DJs currently have two pairs of Mk2 turntables for hire.


Type: manual turntable
Drive method: direct drive
Motor: brushless DC motor
Control method: servo (mk1), quartz (mk2)
Platter: 330mm 1.75kg (mk1), 332mm 2kg (mk2)
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS (mk1), 0.025% WRMS (mk2)
Rumble: -70dB (mk1), -78dB (mk2)
Tonearm: universal
Effective length: 220mm (mk1), 230mm (mk2)
Overhang: 14mm (mk1), 15mm (mk2)
Effective mass: 12g (mk2)
Stylus pressure range: 0 to 4g (mk1), 0 to 2.5g (mk2)
Dimensions: 453 x 366 x 180mm (mk1), 453 x 360 x 162mm (mk2)
Weight: 10kg (mk1), 12.5kg (mk2)

Leeds -Wakefield - Halifax - Sheffield - Hull - Harrogate - Huddersfield - Yorkshire

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The Club Standard Technics SL1210 Mk2 Turntable

Hire Technics SL 1210 Turntables in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Call us: 01274 800460 / 07811 200293

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